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Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams

Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams

Presently you have decided to progress toward becoming SSC official and searching for the books and study materials to accomplish your objective. All things consider, you are on the correct place. Presently We are Sharing With You Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams.

This article which is based on Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams. , a part of our most viewed notes on, which we think our readers not supposed to miss. Readers may download the each of the notes as PDF free of cost just click on Download button. Check out latest study materials at our Website SSCPDFHUB on daily basis also you can enter your email to subscribe our website to get notification of new posts by E-mail.

Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams. helps in improving your knowledge and automatically improves your marks in competitive examinations.

UPSC, IAS, IPS, IFS, PCS, UPPSC, SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, Patwari, TET, BED, etc. Examinations are going to start after a few months. In these examinations, many questions are coming from different study materials provided at our website So, therefore, Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams. is a important subject in all these examinations. We will provide you the PDF books and notes at our Website which include Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams. . Which is helpful for all those aspirants who preparing for all these examinations at various level. Previous years questions are placed in Syllogism Questions, which has been put together in most examinations; you can download these PDF Notes simply by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom.

This post is dedicated to all the needy aspirants who want to download our SSCPDF materials, which is based on the latest exam pattern like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, etc. Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams. in English helps in improving your knowledge and automatically improves your marks in competitive examinations.

Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams

 Banking Acronyms
List and Terms for Competitive Exams

Hello Friends, Today we are
Banking Acronyms List For Banking Exams. This is very useful for upcoming Banking exams Bank PO,
Clerk etc.  Banking and Finance
Abbreviation questions are regularly asked in all the type of Banking exams.
Aspirants who are willing to appear for RBI exam, SBI PO exam, IBPS PO exam,
IBPS RRB,  and other Bank exams will have
to go through the following reading material from this section.


  1. ADR
    American Depository Receipt

  2. AGM – Annual
    General Meeting

  3. AIRCSC – All
    India Rural Credit Survey Committee

  4. AFS
    Available For Sale

  5. AMFI
    Association of Mutual Fund in India

    Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India

  7. ATM
    Automated Teller Machine

  8. ALM– Asset
    Liability Management

  9. BSBDA
    Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

  10. BIS – Bank
    for International Settlements

  11. BOP
    Balance of Payments

  12. CAD
    Capital Account Deficit

  13. CAG
    Controller and Auditor General of India

  14. CAMELS– Capital
    Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, Systems & Controls

  15. CBS- Consolidated
    Banking Statistics

  16. CEPA- Comprehensive
    Economic Partnership Agreement

  17. CC – Cash Credit

  18. CD
    Certificate of Deposit

  19. CECA
    Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

  20. CF – Company

  21. CII
    Confederation of Indian Industries

  22. CP
    Commercial Paper

  23. CPI
    Consumer Price Index

  24. CCEA
    Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

  25. CR – Capital

  26. CRR – Cash
    Reserve Ratio

  27. CRAR- Capital
    to Risk-weighted Assets Ratio

  28. CSIR- Council
    of Scientific and Industrial Research

  29. CSO- Central
    Statistical Organisation

  30. CBS: Core
    Banking Solution

  31. DBOD – Department
    of Banking Operations and Development

  32. DBS – Department
    of Banking Supervision, RBI

  33. DCA – Department
    of Company Affairs

  34. DTC- Direct
    Tax Code

  35. DCCB- District
    Central Cooperative Bank

  36. DCM- Department
    of Currency Management, RB

  37. DTAA- Double
    Taxation Avoidance Agreement

  38. DD- Demand Draft

  39. DEAF- Depositor
    Education and Awareness Fund

  40. DDS- Data
    Dissemination Standards

  41. DICGC- Deposit
    Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India

  42. EEFC- Exchange
    Earner’s Foreign Currency
  43. ECGC- Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
  44. ECS- Electronic
    Clearing Scheme

  45. EEA- Exchange
    Equalization Account

  46. EPF- Employees
    Provident Fund

  47. EEFC- Exchange
    Earner’s Foreign Currency

  48. ECBs- External
    Commercial Borrowings

  49. FIPB- Foreign
    Investment Promotion board

  50. FDI- Foreign
    Direct Investment

  51. FSLRC- Financial
    Sector Legislative Reforms Commission

  52. FEMA- Foreign
    Exchange Management Act

  53. FII- Foreign
    Institutional Investor

  54. FRBMA- Fiscal
    Responsibility and Budget Management Act

  55. FTA- Free
    trade agreement

  56. FINO- Financial
    Inclusion Network Operation

  57. FCNR(B)- Foreign
    Currency Non-Resident Bank

  58. FEMA- Foreign
    Exchange Management Act

  59. EFSF- European
    Financial Stability Facility

  60. FICCI- Federation
    of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry

  61. FII- Foreign
    Institutional Investor

  62. FPI- Foreign
    Portfolio Investment

  63. FSLRC- Financial
    Sector Legislative Reforms Commission

  64. GDP- Gross
    Domestic Product

  65. GDR- Global
    Depository Receipt

  66. GFD – Gross
    Fiscal Deficit

  67. GIC – General
    Insurance Corporation

  68. GAAR – General
    anti avoidance rule

  69. GPD – Gross
    Primary Deficit

  70. GIRO – Government
    Internal Revenue Order

  71. HDFC
    Housing Development Finance Corporation

  72. HFT – Held
    For Trading

  73. IBS – International
    Banking Statistics

  74. ICAR – Indian
    Council of Agricultural Research

  75. ICICI – Industrial
    Credit and Investment Corporation of India

  76. ICMR – Indian
    Council of Medical Research

  77. IDBI – Industrial
    Development Bank of India

  78. IFC – International
    Finance Corporation

  79. ITEs: Intra-Group
    Transactions and Exposures

  80. IFCI – Industrial
    Finance Corporation of India

  81. IIP – Index
    of Industrial Production

  82. IMF – International
    Monetary Fund

  83. IRBI – Industrial
    Reconstruction Bank of India

  84. ISDA – International
    Swaps and Derivative Association

  85. ISIC – International
    Standard Industrial Classification

  86. ISO – International
    Standards Organization

  87. LBS – Locational
    Banking Statistics

  88. LIBOR: London
    Inter-Bank Offer Rate

  89. LERMS
    Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System

  90. LIC – Life
    Insurance Corporation of India

  91. LCR: Liquidity
    Coverage Ratio

  92. LRMT: Liquidity
    risk monitoring tools

  93. LAF – Liquidity
    Adjustment Facility

  94. MCA – Ministry
    of Company Affairs

  95. MSF-Marginal
    Standing Facility

  96. MIBOR: Mumbai
    Inter-Bank Offer Rate

  97. MIS
    Management Information System

  98. MMSE
    Minimum Mean Squared Errors

  99. NABARD
    National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

  100. NASSCOM – National
    Association of Software and Services Companies

  101. NCTC – National
    Counter-Terrorism Centre

  102. NBFC-Non
    Banking Finance Companies

  103. NBC – Non-Banking

  104. NEFT – National
    Electronic Funds Transfer

  105. NBFC – Non
    Banking Financial Companies

  106. NEER – Nominal
    Effective Exchange Rate

  107. NFA – Non-Foreign
    Exchange Assets

  108. NSFR: Net
    Stable Funding Ratio

  109. NGO – Non-Governmental

  110. NHB – National
    Housing Bank

  111. NSG – Nuclear
    Suppliers Group

  112. NPA
    Non-Performing Assets

  113. NSC – National
    Statistical Commission

  114. NSSF – National
    Small Savings Fund

  115. OD – Over Draft

  116. ODA – Official
    Development Assistance

  117. OMO – Open
    Market Operations

  118. PACS – Primary
    Agriculture Credit Societies

  119. PDAI – Primary
    Dealers Association of India

  120. PDO – Public
    Debt Office

  121. PIO – Persons
    of Indian Origin

  122. PO – Principal

  123. PRB – Primary
    Revenue Balance

  124. PSE – Public
    Sector Enterprises

  125. PUC – Paid
    Up Capital

  126. PPP – Public
    Private Partnership & Purchasing Power parity

  127. QFI –Qualified
    Foreign Investors

  128. RD – Revenue

  129. RDBMS – Relational
    Database Management

  130. RTGS – Real
    Time Gross Settlement System

  131. RE – Revenue

  132. REC – Rural
    Electrification Corporation

  133. REER – Real
    Effective Exchange Rate

  134. RIDF – Rural
    Infrastructure Development Fund

  135. ROC – Registrars
    of Companies SLR-Statutory Liquidity Ratio

  136. RR – Revenue

  137. RRB – Regional
    Rural Bank

  138. RTP
    Reserve Tranche Position

  139. RWA – Risk
    Weighted Asset

  140. SAS – Statistical
    Analysis System

  141. SCARDB – State
    Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank

  142. SWIFT: Society
    for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

  143. SCB – State Cooperative

  144. SCB – Scheduled
    Commercial Bank

  145. SDDS -Special
    Data Dissemination Standards

  146. SDR – Special
    Drawing Right

  147. SEBI
    Securities and Exchange Board of India

  148. SIFI – Systemically
    Important Financial Intermediaries

  149. SEBs – State
    Electricity Boards

  150. SGSY
    Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarrojgar Yojana

  151. SHGs
    Self-Help Groups

  152. SIDBI – Small
    Industries Development Bank of India

  153. SIDC – State
    Industrial Development Corporation

  154. SJSRY
    Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana

  155. SLR – Statutory
    Liquidity Ratio

  156. SMG – Standing
    Monitoring Group

  157. SNA – System
    of National Accounts

  158. SRWTO – Small
    road & Water Transport Operators

  159. SSI
    Small-Scale Industries

  160. STRIPS – Separate
    Trading for Registered Interest and Principal of Securities

  161. TB
    Treasury Bills

  162. TARC – Tax
    Administration Reform Commission

  163. TC – Temporary

  164. TT – Telegraphic

  165. TAPI – Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India

  166. TFTS – Trade
    for Trade Settlement

  167. TIEA – Tax
    Information exchange Agreement

  168. UCB – Urban
    Cooperative Bank

  169. UCN – Uniform
    Code Number

  170. UNDP – United
    Nations Developement Programme

  171. UNICO – Umbrella
    Organisation for Large Cooperative Banks in Europe

  172. UNDP – United
    Nations Development Programme

  173. UNIDO – United
    Nations Industrial Development Organisation

  174. UNME – Urban
    Non-Manual Employees

  175. UTI – Unit
    Trust of India

  176. VC – Venture

  177. WPI – Wholesale
    Price Index

  178. WTO – World
    Trade Organisation

  179. Y-o-Y – Year-on-Year

  180. YTM – Yield
    to Maturity

  181. ZTC – Zonal
    Training Centree

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Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams
Banking Acronyms List and Terms for Competitive Exams

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