English with Rani Mam Full batch free Download

English with Rani Mam Full batch free Download

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One of my friend preparing by himself online for govt. Exams like ssc cgl, railways, SI and all other exams of railways and SSC. He is about to join his training in gwalior for ssc GD (maybe 2017). And also cleared delhi police and up si exams at first phase.

He used to watch various vocab shows fir english. Now the result is if I ask him any substitute for a word he would give me around 10–12 synonyms along with antonyms, similar confusing words among them with Idion and phrases (if) related to any.


Many time when I demand that I want to know the source of where you have learn from he says youtube. Only youtube. So once I asked for one name so that I can atleast start with a proper teacher for vocab and he says rani mam. But when I searched rani mam english directly many videos come up and i don’t knew whether to start with.


But then I types vocab with root words and I reached over a playlist by byju’s I remember there is some 38 videos on last there is test. So I finally started with these root words method with rani mam. Soon I started completing 5–6 lactures a day and repeting words in my mind.


English is common in many entrance exams like banking, insurance, ssc, railways, defence, RBI etc. And if not these exams it is used in our life too. You have to start with somewhere if you want to learn. So I started with byju’s playlist with rani mam. And now I am confident that I can find errors, correctly spelt words etc. and crack atleast ssc’s to get a govt. Job.


I found rani ma’am playlists on various channels on youtube:



Unacademy live : ssc exam

English with rani mam

Currently her live classes are going on her youtube channel english with rani mam and it advertise unacademy membership. But I have not purchased any.


If you are preparing for a competition exam please follow these rules


SUCCESS Static Gk E-BOOK BHRAMASTRA Hindi & English PDF Free Download


Vocab and grammed are different prepare saperately for each

write down topics and buy a basic book ( I have s.p. bakshi)

Prepare topic by topic

Practice along after each topic completion

Start with vocab for 1 hr. For 30–40 days and then decrease time to 1/2 hr a day.

With youtube don’t waste time on many different videos first analyse 3–4 teacher and start with what suites you best. And then don’t switch between teacher and videos. (For vocab you can, but why waste time.

At last all the best!

Who is a better teacher on Unacademy Plus for English, Bharkha Mam or Rani Mam for the SSC CGL 2023?

Answer. Most of the beginners on unacademy ask this question several times that who is better.


No doubt, Rani mam is the better of the two. She has a long experience of teaching offline and online too. She had taught in big institutes like paramount. Also, she started her own institute unique classes.


aditya ranjan sir maths book pdf free download in hindi & english



She provides a way to learn vocabulary and repeats in her class again and again so that the words will reside in your mind somewhere.


Otherwise, you can also go with Barkha Mam it’s upto you who do you go with.


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