WINNERS Arithmetic Volume 1 Maths Book By Aditya Sir PDF

WINNERS Arithmetic Volume 1 Maths Book By Aditya Sir (Complete Class Notes)2023 Edition PDF Free Download

  • Arithmetic Volume 1 Maths Book By Aditya Sir (Complete Class Notes)
  • Paperback
Publishing Date
  • 2022
  • Winners Publication
  • 1
Number of Pages
  • 301
  • Hindi

किताब है बहुत बढ़िया, 296+4=300 कुल पन्ने हैं। अनुपात और समानुपात के 50+सवाल भी सॉल्व किये हैं गलती वल्ती कहीं नहीं मिली । बढ़िया से एक एक चैप्टर को एक्सप्लेन किया गया और एकदम Math Foundation वाली फील आ रही काहे कि यहमे QR code के साथ साथ टॉपिक wise question भी Math Foundation वाला ही बा नोट्स बनउले के कौनाऊ जरूरत नाही बा कहे की क्यों पड़े हो चक्कर में कोई नहीं है टक्कर में। समझ रहे हो न? हाँ, किताब है एकदम चौकस, मँगवा लेओ। ज्यादा दिमाग न लगाओ। बाकी आदित्य सर का नाम ही काफी है। 🔥🔥🔥#Winners_Institute #Aditya_Patel_Maths

Pros:- (1) QR code tech with yt concept is Very useful for every student.
(2) Type wise Questions with concept and short tricks. Questions based on latest pattern.
(3)Author is well known and talented educator for maths (cracked many exams)
(4)No “X” methods and no long method
(5)Page quality is good and price is also affordable for every student.
Suggestion:- In my opinion this is complete package so there is no need for suggestion anyone can trust this book.
Bases of Content and technology This book will become big brand very soon.👍

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No doubt this book is really good
But this book is not for everyone Because not everyone can feel this book. Sir Aditya Patil, the author of this book is really a very nice kind and hardworking person. He has worked hard day and night for this book and has kept all the experiences of his life in this book. That’s why only those people who really want to read this book should buy this book and I guarantee one thing that whoever has read this book with a good heart. He will really understand maths very well and comfortably and will make his parents proud by scoring good marks 🙏

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